Episode Thirteen

Into the Forest   Niander rolls over in his sleep and regrets it right away. His eyes snap open and he lets out a croak of pain. He is in pain. Nothing is sore, it all just hurts. The fifteen hours of Ka’ala have just nearly killed him. The night before he was dropped off … Continue reading Episode Thirteen

Episode Twelve

They Fight   “That wasn’t as bad as it could have been,” Galel says taking the lead to the Ol’ Tanker. “Gill hates you now but he’ll forget about it after a good romp with a little las.” “I just assumed that was how I was supposed to act around him.” Niander says looking back … Continue reading Episode Twelve

Episode Nine

Drinks and a Fight Riktus, the Hims Hems shop owner, scrutinizes his work with a furrowed unibrow. Tugging in all manner of places and pinning where the fabric dares to bunch up. He sighs heavily and says in a Ruvic accent “If his shoulders vere broader, maybe I could let him go without cloak, but … Continue reading Episode Nine