Journal Entry: Professor Argathon Finwhispy

I have been staying with the Chitunki (silent K) Orc tribe for a month now, and let me say I can’t believe I am still alive. I have been chased by a Dragon, beaten by a pack of Goblins and sat on by the Orc chief, Baga. All of the women treat me like the … Continue reading Journal Entry: Professor Argathon Finwhispy

Journal Entry: Farris

I was roused by the faintest tinkle of Rosanne’s bejeweled Hip scarf. Her glorious body, sun kissed from weeks in the Greek sun, stood above me. With her hands behind her head, she stretched and released a low moan. Without a word, she walks out of our canopy tent, taking the sweet smell of oil … Continue reading Journal Entry: Farris