After sixteen years of living in the Abby, Niander and the other young born under the Virin Sun are welcomed back into the vampiric society of Weeping Valley. He will have to prove himself the moment he returns, first to the Masters and then to his strict father, neither will be an easy task.

Short Stories

I have always loved the art of the short story, the author that got me hooked on reading and then into writing is also, in my opinion, the master of that art; Edgar A. Poe.
All original pieces, from every genre that I can write (not so much romance though) will be posted once a month.


Filthy Phrases is my comical take on obscene, hurtful, immature and just plain nasty language. I believe that no word or phrase is truly ‘bad’, its like what my dad once told me “there are no bad dogs, just inept owners who can’t control whether they just bark or bite.”
Journal Entries will be just another way of my getting into the writing mood i suppose. I will take on the persona of many characters and give you a slice of their life… keep an eye out for them in future stories, i will inevitably be drawn to one and want to write a short on that person/scenario.
Poetry, the most randomly posted of them all. This was how I started my writing life and it holds a dear place in my heart. I spend more time on a poem then I would on anything else I write. Every thing that is written, as I’m sure you all know, starts to lose its ‘awesome’ factor the more it’s read., but I never lose that for poetry. Regardless of how many times I read ‘Hope’ by Emily Dickinson it’s still beautiful.


Exactly what it’s named; News. Mostly updates on the posts that take the longest, but also links to other writers or artist that inspire me. To be honest, there will probably be a cat video here and there, I’m only human. I think a lot of this might be more readily found on Facebook. If you don’t/can’t/won’t get notifications on when i post, please feel free to Like the Thought of a thinker Facebook page or follow on Twitter.


These are letters form the Author to all of you, the readers.

Thought if a Thinker

Follow the staff of Thoughts of a thinker on their wild adventures. someday I will compile a season one. For now please enjoy seasons two and three.