Hello, hi, how are you? Just a little bit of news, I’ve been working on episode twelve and it will be up by Friday either really early in the morning, or so late it may as well be Saturday. I hope your all doing well. I’ve been better. It sucks that I haven been as active as I’d like, all work and no play makes… if I finish that i might have to pay someone.

I’m no good at this, so i’ll be quick. I have a Patreon, and would appreciate it if you would help fund this crazy little thing I love called writing. As a self proclaimed tech-disaster, it took me a while to get with it. But there are some cool perks. please check it out and again, your help will be greatly appreciated. who else will appreciate it? Well all the characters you know and love. All those well off, still alive characters.


P.s if you find anything misspelled, please let me know.  I sort of did this without consulting my friend and editor Andrew.


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