I have a friend named Hanna, I’ve known her since kindergarten. And since then she had a stuffed horse named smoky, she’s twenty-three now. Don’t get me wrong there isn’t anything wrong with having a stuffed animal, but taking it to the movies with you because you know its going to be scary, that’s a bit much.

Then once when a group of us were hanging out at the park, and Hanna was sitting there with Smoky under a tree. Another group walked by ours and the girls in it shot jeers and snide remarks at Hanna about smoky, instantly there is a war of words.

Hanna tries to stand but one of the girls from the other group pushes her back down, our girls get fired up and ready. To all our surprise Hanna stands and whacks the living crap out of he girl who pushed her with smoky the horse. Smacked her hard enough to knock her off her feet, the girl took a bit to get back up and leave with the rest of her group.

After seeing the stuffed guy in action, I’m glad ‘Hanna Kept Smoky’.

well the last of the week I can’t believe it myself, but here it is. ‘what a cunt’ was the answer to the last one, i hope you all figure it out. Have a good weekend.


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