Some times when I’m at work and I zone out I forget I have two screens and I freak out thinking I have suddenly gone super-cross-eyed. Then I proceed to laugh maniacally until the patients either laugh along or run away (not many have run, but there were some).

This weekend I did the unthinkable and read what I have written so far, I think that’s what got me sick to be honest. It wasn’t bad actually, had a coffee, a smoke and a play-list going while I read. I just sneezed and nearly hit my head on my desk, I felt the tips of my hair hit the edge of it… I digress, where was I… yes reading the what I have so far. Normally a very disconcerting thing, wasn’t half bad this time. Mainly I think because I’m scared that my editor is going to stop trying to help me out of shame.. seriously I need to learn to spell, and to grammar correctly… I know what I wrote damn it.

Okay, I can’t see the screen to well, back to work.


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