so i was sick in January, and now i have a busted hand. it isn’t actually broken but it hurts like it was. i was acting the champ and boxing with my brother, which means i was beating his legs while he cried/laughed. In one of my more Tyson swings i missed him and hit the hard edge of a chair.  I know, I’m an idiot.

I feel i should tell you, i have this lump in the pinkie of my right hand. I’ve had it since i can remember, and it hurt if i looked at it. now imagine what happened when i punched the shit out of wood. i may have fractured my hand and popped what ever the lump is. i am in horrid pain since i type for about fourteen hours a day.

forty-five minutes its taken me to write all this. that being said, i will be trying to keep up with the shorts and Niander.


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