Hello folks old Solace here, still sailing the seven seas on the Glory of Sende.  Today Rebecca, the captain, has given me the title of swab. I honestly don’t know what that means but they all cheered and told me to prepare for tomorrow, I’m excited.

Some good news, I have a lead on the swine silly enough to steal my scriptures. We dropped anchor near an iceberg the other day to replenish our wet bar and happened upon a wild tribe of Londoners. They say they’ve been there for a century but I could have sworn they didn’t look older than twenty-five. Their wet bar must be amazing.  Anyhow a Miss Elizabeth Williams told me a cloaked figure was on the iceberg four days prior to our visit and stole many of their journals. I suspect he is a deviant plagiarizer.

Before I go to bed I wanted to let you know that a new Journal entry will be up May 17. The author is a poor chap with a dreary present day; old Solace had way too much tea apparently. Also I have finished the new short story and have sent it out to my editor to be, well… edited.

In this story you will follow Detective Leonardo Papiernik on his quest to find the man responsible for more than fourteen thousand deaths. But having to struggle with his own demons takes its toll and nearly ends his career. The first installment will be brought to you on the 24th of this month, I hope you enjoy it.

I just cracked open a dictionary and found what a swab is… damn. Well till next time (insert sign off here)


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