Hello folks old solace here in the middle of Lake Victoria trying to catch dinner for myself, Pen and Teller. Well just for myself, seeing as Pen can fly he brought back the rotting carcass of a rabbit, and Teller dived right in and brought up a dozen Cichlid. The offered but I think I can catch my own.

I have been trying to figure out a way to find another Journal Entry but we have seen two people while on the river, one was floating in the water with a spear in his back and the other was a woman with a missing spear. I am cold, wet, hungry and wet. How did the old explorers look out into the boundless beauty brought by mother earth in the form of a horizon and think, right I’m going to go look at what’s on the other side, keep the kettle on.

I just saw a fish and I dived in after it. I missed, but I did catch a glass bottle with a letter in it. I suppose feeding your and my hunger for the written word will have to do for now. Till next time (insert sign off here)


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