Hello folks, old Solace here on the shore of Madagascar. First and foremost I hope you all had the good fortune of spending father’s day with your father figure. For those like myself who didn’t, I have the same memories. Though I called my dad mom and my other mom… well mom.

I separated myself from Pen and Teller for a while to remember my mothers and their last days. They actually died on father’s day in separate years. Never the less they were wonderful women who wrote whimsical lives before they penned me in, and used their time with me to instill a fantastic appreciation for imagination and beauty. Thank you Abigail and Janette… and Uncle Bartholomew of course for all the knowledge for a proper manhood.

Madagascar is a beautiful place; this would have been a fascinating safari had it not been for the thief. After a bit of hiking we found his hide out, a hollowed out Baobab tree, and quietly let ourselves in. When we broke in neither Pen nor Teller could see what was glaringly obvious to me. One of the bookcases was arranged differently than the rest, this is where he kept my journals. After a bit of destruction Teller found one he left behind with a message that read “pip pip”…. Good bye Madagascar and hello U.K.

Before I forget, join us on June 21 for the next installment of Black and White. Again to all fathers and mother/fathers, I hope you had a blast. Till next time (insert sign off here).


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