The Gates Fall

Alan runs forward and digs into his front pocket, extricating a silver cylinder. He pushes a button at one end and tosses it over the gate. It bounces off of the head of one of the abominations, it takes no notice of it or Allan, it only has eyes for Solace. A few seconds pass … Continue reading The Gates Fall

The Destroyers

Solace walks out of the tent with Jacob, Teresa and Nancy not far behind. The rumbling of hundreds of motorcycles sent the town in to a frenzy, doors and windows slam shut as the four run towards the east gate of Kal. At the front of the monster sits Tony “Death Kill” Jones. Jacob brakes … Continue reading The Destroyers

New Plan

Solace throws the phone against the wall. He paces back and forth trying desperately to ignore Andy’s wails of anguish. Fifteen minutes after bringing Teller to Doc Fin she is dead. The anger he feels towards Cas is multiplied after the brief conversation they have just had. “He wants to meet me at noon tomorrow.” … Continue reading New Plan


“Where are you going?” Nancy calls out. Solace, still steaming at the eyes, runs pell-mell across his destroyed home and out of the compound gates. Run. Just run. You know where to go. You do remember right? The monster whispers from his belly. Somewhere between utter misery and Hornbrook Avenue a man walks into him. … Continue reading Rage