Episode Four

Rejoining Ceremony   As the caravan approaches the garden Niander moves away from the window and looks at his friends. Only Michael allows the mix of excitement and worry to show on his face. Malcolm, stone faced, nodes to himself and adjusts the sword at his hip and staff in his hand. Gregory stands from … Continue reading Episode Four


Late Eight

Before the bullet rips through the skull of the abomination, Casanova has already pulled back the bolt to load another round. A hundred yards away Solace limps as quickly as his broken body can take him. The fall dislocated his shoulder and ripped his knee open. Casanova shoots and misses by inches, instead killing Doc … Continue reading Late Eight


“Solace is very agile, no?” Gloria asks Casanova. She shifts her weight to one hip and crosses her arms as she watches him try desperately to shoot his friend. She laughs as Solace trips just as a bullet flies for his head. She nearly taps Casanova on the shoulder jovially, but remembers his threat. “Shut … Continue reading Knifed