Episode Three

Work, Worry and Gates   The sun hangs low in the sky, casting long shadows over the caravans. Nurse Agatha had stormed the halls less than an hour ago making sure everyone knew they would be arriving in Weeping Valley before night fell completely. Looking out the window Niander can see the steep incline of … Continue reading Episode Three

Episode Two

Honor Paid   “I tell you boys one thing,” Gregory says, a long finger tracing his lips. “What ever they make us do, know that my father has paid handsomely for his handsome son to win.” “Just like a bankers son to do nothing and expect his daddy to make it all go his way.” … Continue reading Episode Two

Late Eight

Before the bullet rips through the skull of the abomination, Casanova has already pulled back the bolt to load another round. A hundred yards away Solace limps as quickly as his broken body can take him. The fall dislocated his shoulder and ripped his knee open. Casanova shoots and misses by inches, instead killing Doc … Continue reading Late Eight


“Solace is very agile, no?” Gloria asks Casanova. She shifts her weight to one hip and crosses her arms as she watches him try desperately to shoot his friend. She laughs as Solace trips just as a bullet flies for his head. She nearly taps Casanova on the shoulder jovially, but remembers his threat. “Shut … Continue reading Knifed

New Plan

Solace throws the phone against the wall. He paces back and forth trying desperately to ignore Andy’s wails of anguish. Fifteen minutes after bringing Teller to Doc Fin she is dead. The anger he feels towards Cas is multiplied after the brief conversation they have just had. “He wants to meet me at noon tomorrow.” … Continue reading New Plan