Before the bullet rips through the skull of the abomination, Casanova has already pulled back the bolt to load another round. A hundred yards away Solace limps as quickly as his broken body can take him. The fall dislocated his shoulder and ripped his knee open. Casanova shoots and misses by inches, instead killing Doc Fin.

“Keep going, he’s fine.” Solace grunts to himself, he can see the Rolls Royce in the distance. He raises the rifle and pulls the trigger.

All at once, there is an explosion in the middle of the battlefield, the abominations scream and drop to the ground, parachutes appear in the sky above Kal and Solace’s bullet hits Casanova in the chest.

“Get the gimps boys!” Tony Jones commands.

Men rip parachutes off of themselves and begin their onslaught against the abomination. With quick instruction from Jones, Larry Lakeside takes an abomination by the face and wrenches its neck in all direction. Bobby Pitchfork grabs two in headlocks and holds on till they stop moving. Greg Rodgers punches the shit out a few of them. The abominations, not a drop of fear, turn their attention to the newcomers, Harold the Drencher is the first to fall but with in seconds he is wrestling three at a time and winning.

With the arrival of six of the Crazy Eight the army of Kal feels a surge of opportunity and the remaining abominations are taken down within a minute. Solace turns his attention back to Casanova only to see him shutting the door to the Rolls and starting the engine. He fires round after round at the reversing vehicle, shattering the front windshield, riddling the hood with holes and taking out the front left tire.

A grenade goes off next to the Rolls, then another and another. Far behind it, Rodney Two Blades barrels down on his motorcycle, grenade launcher in hand. He fires another, it explodes very near the back of the vehicle, decimating most of the windows and both rear tires. Casanova swings the Rolls around, the remaining tire gives an all mighty cry and fails like the others. Rodney tosses his weapon aside and leaps up onto his seat. He launches himself just as the front end of the Rolls turns to face him.

Solace watches as Rodney, whooping and firing two handguns he pulled out of how the fuck knows, smash through the windshield. The rest is blocked by a grotesque hand wrapping around his face and yanking him so violently his neck nearly snaps in two. An abomination had finally caught him, and to his horror, the rest knew. They give up on whoever they were attacking and slowly make their way toward him. The one with its hands around him pulls him nearer its chomping mouth. It oozes saliva and breathes heavily, centimeters from biting his neck. There is nothing solace can do, his scream carries across all of Kal as the abomination sinks its teeth into him.

“Mas-MASTER!” every single abomination roars in unison. The last syllable ripples through the air like an unholy call to arms. The one holding him gnaws at the air, pincer noises emanating from its mouth. “Protect us.”

The abominations close in around them, drowning out the gunfire and yells from the army of Kal. Solace is released. The abomination that held him now angles its back in a sort of distorted bow.


“You are Master.” It says still clicking, still gnawing. Its fingers twitch and grab at the air. “You… are… Master.”

“I don’t…” Solace’s voice fades away. The confusion taking over his ability to speak. He racks his brain for some sort of explanation. The words form in his mind, but they are not his.

You are our master. Eons ago you freed us from the tyranny of Lord Grafrook of Rimgnon.

I did what, to who?

Please allow me to show you.

The abomination walks back towards Solace and extends a hand to his head. Solace tries to move away but has nowhere to go. The abomination stops and lowers his hand.

“Retreat.” They all say as one. They all turn towards the fence and make their way slowly out of Kal.

“Solace! Are you alright?” Andy grabs him and drags him away.

A few Destroyers follow the abomination out of the gate, kicking and cursing at them. What had just happened? What had he just heard them call him.

“Solace?” Andy grabs his face and forces him to focus.

Solace can see the tear in Andy’s lip, the blood some how brings him out of the trance. “The guys? Is anyone…”

“No, everyone is alive. Jacob is still out, Allan and Edgar are fine. Pat is over there trying to keep Vera from killing that mustache guy. Tell… tell everyone to, um… you alright?”

“What, yeah, I’m fine. How about you?”

“Swell considering we just fought off what I think are classified as Zombies.”

“Take me to Endre.”

Andy walks solace to the front of the Fox home where a large Destroyer is trying help Patricia with Vera. Solace walks past them and right up to Endre. He smashes his boot into his face sending his head into the front steps. He lifts the man back up using his mustache. “Tell me where he is.”


Solace slaps and punches the bound man, “tell me or so help me I’ll kill you.”

“Threaten me all you want Solace. Casanova already has.” Endre looks at Andy, “I told him it was a shame he killed your whore, I would have loved to fuck her in…”

Andy jumps onto him and smashes his head repeatedly into the steps until they are stained with blood. Endre laugh, delighted with the effect he is having.

“Maybe this one will talk when she wakes up.” Rodney calls out from behind the crowd. He walks up to Endre and deposits an unconscious Gloria at his feet. “She squealed when I jumped into your fancy car. She got knocked around pretty good when Cas crashed.”

“Mistress,” Endre says, allowing panic into his voice.


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