Wednesdays are labs in Mr. Freeman’s computer class. Randy, a greasy haired kid with his mothers have-a-nice-day lipstick mark on his cheek sits typing away at his project. Next to him is Karen, the woman of any young mans dreams. It goes with out saying that Randy’s attention was nowhere near his screen.
He would steal glances at her very low top and watch her legs move as she talk to her friends. Then, while planning the most amazing way to save her life if a mad gunman were to crash though the classroom door, she speaks.
“Randy I need you…” she breaths into his ear.
“I know, and I need you too my lovely,” he whispers back.
After saving her life he steals her away to his Tadis where, while flying though space and time, they ravage each other on the floor. She is wearing princes Leia’s golden slave bikini, and he is nothing but a bow tie.
“Oh randy, you are more of a man then Michael Danielson.” she moans. He screams as he takes her in wild ways, she moans his name. “randy!”
“Randy! Hey Randy?” the classroom comes back into view and Karen is staring right at him, he can feel his face is red, his palms sweaty. “Randy I need you, do you remember what font Mr. freeman wants us to use?”
Oh, basic font,” he scoots closer to his desk to hide himself.
Well there you go folks the first of many filthy phrases that you need to un-anagram (hmm new word), please leave a comment with your answer and failed attempts. I know when I was coming up with it I had some weird stuff. Enjoy!

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