Marissa is a tomboy, she doesn’t like the tight clothes her older sister would were. She knew they were decent clothes, nothing revealing, it’s just that every time she would slide into home plate, her ‘boy’ shirts would stay put. The one time she wore a girl shirt and did that, the other teams back catcher saw more than a game winning slide.
Then she gets invited to a party her aunt is hosting the following Saturday and her mother wants her to shop for something nice, meaning it had to be something from the pinker side of the store. That whole week her mother badgered her to go shopping with her and finally on the day before the party she gives in and is taken to a local boutique.
Hours of fabric rubbing against skin, zippers going up and down, heads getting stuck in shirts and sales women swearing that every other article of clothing is ‘the one’. Faces flash smiles and grimaces, hands pull and tug, she was suffocating, she can’t take it, she can’t…
“Stop!” she runs into the dressing room alone and bursts out in her 1up shirt, favorite jeans and Lego-print chucks. She throws her hands into the air and shouts “the Tomboy Returns!”
The answer to the previous phrase was ‘son of a bitch’. True not all that filthy, but I hope you all enjoyed it. To those of you who didn’t figure it out, don’t worry there are plenty more, to those who did, cheaters.
This Filthy Phrase is for my good friend Alex, I know he’ll love to solve this one. Have a good Tuesday.

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