“I can believe you plugged him Marty, what would your mum say” the man with the pointed hat calls out, he sits in the back of a pearl white Cadillac. The only light from the back seat is the ruby on the tip of his cigar, with every puff his round features can be seen.
Marty walks up to the back window and looks into find a gaggle of girls with the man “He was fighting back boss, you saw him.”
They both laugh at the still bleeding body inside the dumpster. The door slowly opens and a shiny leather shoe steps out into the the dingy alley. The rest of the tall thin black man emerges with a crude smile, in a dark gray freshly pressed suit. Fixing his bow tie and pointed haT he looks down at Marty.
“You did good, take what you got from the banker as a token of my appreciation. Remember Marty I don’t give a toss what the McClellan boys say about you, I like a man who can use a cannon properly.”
The pointed hat man walks to the dumpster where Matthew lies dead and Marty follows. His platinum watch glistening in dirty yellow light coming off only a few working door lights. Taking another puff from his cigar he opens the lid with a perfectly manicured hand to inspect Marty’s handy work. He smiles and unzips his pants, pissing on the wall next to the dumpster.
“Come by the club later, the girls are dying to meet you, and we can talk business over a pint of bitter,” the pointed hat man walks back to his car and crawls in, “move over pets, Kurtis needs some dick room.”

sorry for missing last week. The answer to the last FP is Limp Dick Fag Fucker, if you didn’t already know. Till next post.


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