“welcome to the nastiest, skankiest, shit hole this side of the dead man river. The hoes in here are wet with sweat, rough with gruff, and ready to go steady, ya dig hombre.” Samuel the doorman says in his wheezy voice, his long mane of hair as dark as his skin shines in the red glow of the street lamps. “Come in, Come all, large and Small young and old, week and bold. I’ll put in a good word if you put in some propina, now get your ass in and experience the wonders of the Tin Cantina.”
Marty walks right past Samuel with a nod, the doors open for him revealing two very revealed girls. The house band thumps its slow beat to the gyrations of the main attraction, men and women in the skimpiest of clothing move on and around the paying costumers. For whats left of the world the Zombies really know how to work with smut.
He makes his way around the mass of people watching two young girls taking on a gaggle of toys, heads to the bar and waits for the barman. With all the noise he has to point to the bottle of drink, grabs his glass and polishes it off in one gulp then asks for another. Topped off he walks around looking for Kurtis, the man with the pointed hat. From the crowed a massive hand grabs his arm spilling his drink and before the first drop of jack touches the floor Marty’s .45 cannon digs into the the thugs eye socket. The music dies, the only sound is the pop noise from toys being removed.
“the boss wants to see you up in the fourth,” the thug says pushing the gun away, flashing a black bullet on his forearm. “follow me.”
The music starts up again as they walk through a door to the left of the bar. A group of men great him, they push him against the wall and check for weapons, all they find is the cannon he pulled on the thug. Taking a flight of metal stairs they reach the landing where private rooms are kept. They walk down the hall of doors and turn left, past a window looking out towards the massive parking lot of the Tin Cantina. The second door to the left marked 4th is flanked by two tall, thin, sleek-haired men who smile as they push him against the wall and recheck him. Satisfied they open the door and push him in.
Answer for the last: cum dumpster.
Have a good Friday!

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