It was a rough night, I didn’t reach the word count I wanted. It’s ok I’ll make up for it tonight, I’m visiting family. I have to tell you, I was looking though the old filthy phrases and I found that in ‘the boss’ I had missed a word, it’s all fixed now and I’m sorry, little fucker slipped by me.
Anyway I think I should let you know that FP so far has been set in the same universe as the novel I’m writing. A post apocalyptic United States run by a handful of organizations, gangs, families… Whatever you like to call them. I call them the Dandies, the Zombies, The Angels and the Black Bullets.
I’m terrible at writing book jacket summaries so I’ll use FP as a sort of trailer to what’s coming, I hope you like it.
One more thing *uncle’s voice from Jackie chan adventures* I get a bit isolated when I write, I hope you don’t mind if I make the NEWS more of a journal. It helps to vent my thoughts and if you feel the fancy to start a conversation with a comment, that would be great…. I hear social interaction is important to mammals like us.


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