There he was, Kurtis “The Original” Robinson, the head of the black bullets for the past ten years, member since birth. His white hat sitting neatly on the head of a gorgeous black beauty lying on the coffee table presenting herself to him. A blond between his legs bobs up and down with rigor as a third perched on the armrest to he seat looks spent.

“goddamn this fucking place sure makes the lonesome feelings go away,” Kurtis grunts, looking at Marty. “sit the fuck down my man.”

Marty takes a seat right next to the door, trying to find something interesting to look at apart from the scene before him. Its not that he is a bashful man, it’s just you never look at a man showing emotion or getting head. Lucky for him there’s a tank with a slow moving chameleon, at the moment its a deep shade of blue.

“are you horny baby,” the Asian girl asks from her perch, Marty shakes his head still looking at the Chameleon.

“Take her Cowboy, the bitch is already payed for… no, fuck it what do you want?” Kurtis asks pushing the blond away and putting himself back together.

“the drink Hog Tied spilled,” he answers tilting his head towards the door where the thug waits with the tall men.

“Clara, go get the man his drink,” Kurtis spanks the blond as she gets up. With a smile he slides down in his seat a bit and pulls out a cigar from his coat and offers it to Marty.

“Anything else Hangman?” she asks.

“My gun,” Marty says taking the cigar, she looks over at the boss and he nods. “sorry Original, but I get a bit antsy with out it.”

“no worries Marty, whats a man with out his gun? I’ll tell you, he’s like a man with out his dick,”

“Exactly,” they both chuckle, the black beauty lights a match and helps him start his cigar.

“well I’m glad you came by the club, I need you for a job.” the boss says through a thick cloud of smoke. “there’s an Angle named Arthur who hasn’t been paying his dues but sees it fit to still use the Border Highway at all fucking hours.”

“What do you need?”

“In three days he is taking a shipment of Cabs to the south bay yards, the Dandies are paying him pretty damn good for a heap of cars. Wait till they make the exchange then take them all out, I want the cabs and the payment.”

“what are we doing fucking with the Dandies, you know they have all the fresh water from Yellow Stone all to themselves.”

“they are greedy motherfuckers, which means there is going to be something in those cars if they are willing to supply the angles a load of guns and food. I want that deal shot to hell Marty, no sympathy for the weak.”

Marty rolls up his sleeves and sits more comfortably, his forearm bares a black bullet and the words ‘puta vida’ under it. “who do I take for this little adventure?”

“I think Deflect is back from Texas, take him and his crew.”

“You sure want a mess, hope the message you’re sending to Crucible gets through.”

“fuck that Dandy motherfucker,” Kurtis spits, then adds with the same amount of hate “and fuck that Angle prick Gordon Mace!”

sorry, i know i said Friday but shit time flies, the Answer to the last FP is “Motherfucker Shit Cunt”… a phrase i used a lot just now when i saw the time. have a good weekend.


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