I feel like a dick for not getting anything on here in so long, so this is my half-ass way of posting something I guess. the holiday was good, I call it a holiday but it’s just a day off work which I’m all for. I think it’s the same as any family get together, you eat, you drink, you pick fights with people you only see three times a year and say shit that in the end its going to bite you in the genitals like crabs on a south American slut… as I said, same as any family get together.

Mind you I did get some writing done, I wasn’t completely incoherent. All the same I feel shitty for not paying attention to my readers. I mean multitasking hasn’t always been my strong point, but having a group of people look at your work, regardless of how they feel about it, makes anyone want to work harder. I think I’ve been a little harder on myself with getting the novel going because a great friend of mine and fellow writer has already published his… jealousy is one hell of a performance enhancer.

When I write I’ll start off angry at my work and I feel like a loser, but when my fingers and brain bleed at the end of the night and I read what I have, I always love doing what I do.

Take a look at his book The Gauntlet of Maltese, I read it when it was only a fantastic idea, then when it was better than a first draft… I bought my copy and I think you should, too. And of course catch up on Wonder Wig and Alfredo Boy. Yes the same guy who has the talent to do a web comic and edit my work has the balls to publish… how I loath him.


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