The tall silhouette of an old factory building looms over the bay, remnants of on old drug compound. It once housed the Dandy Mordecai, notorious for his blood lust and hatred for anyone not of higher lineage. The building itself hangs on the thread of usefulness, it’s still riddled with the bullet holes of the Dandy’s last stand, and legend has it that a few of the scorch marks hail from before Lit Sky.

Marty walks over to the gates, new additions since Kurtis took it over, and bangs for the doorman. To his surprise he is greeted by Grisly and Fester, the tall men from the club. Ghastly fingers wrap around the fence post and drag the clanking gate open, the tall men stand side-by-side breathing though their mouths.

“Greetings Martin, we are most delighted to see you are well after your glorious escapade with our great leader Kurtis,” Grisly says hoarsely, his wide smile showing an unnatural amount of yellow teeth.  “how may we, the followers of the distinguished Black Bullets, assist you in your endeavor to annihilate the scum known as Arthur of the vile vicious varmint Angels.”

“I’m looking for Deflect, has he come by?”

“Wretched mouth frothing inbred deserves what ever it is that you and your fork tongued friend are going to do to him,” Fester says with a voice as thick and slimy as gristle.

“Right, I’m guessing him and his crew aren’t here yet,” Marty says, walking past them. “how about showing me the cab we are going in.”

“The great and noble Kurtis has ordered us to allow you any form of transportation you wish to take.” Fester  revels in the idea of being bossed around by his leader.

“There are many to choose from in this facility, all ready for murder and mayhem, our overlord was very specific on that fact.” Grisly divulges. “I implore you to make an effort and gain the knowledge of every one of the machines inside by appraising their constitution from all angles.”

“No that’s OK… I’ll just go inside and take a look at a car.” Marty says awkwardly, thankfully the sound of engines stops the conversation. Two SUV’s barrel though the open gate and screech to a halt, a group of large men jump out of the first one and from the second only the driver gets out, he walks over to the back door and opens it. A pair of shiny red boots appear then the rest of the man; tall, muscular, and square-jawed Deflect gets out and makes his way to Marty.

“How the fuck are yeh Marty, its been ter long ‘asn’t it?” his thick gypsy accent pours out like whiskey.

“It has been, how was Texas Bartholomew?”

“Oi, it’s Deflect now ‘aven’ yeh ‘eard.”

“even for an old friend, that’s cold brother,” Marty says jokingly.

“mint point, but at least call me Bart.” He looks over at the brothers and laughs, “them boys are cheekier than school lads ain’t they.”

“It’s good to see you and the Mutts still working, shit has been getting hard for a roamer.”

“yeh ain’t  fibbin’, we lost two in Texas but found a lost brother all by his lonesome in a pub.” he points at a hooded youngling looking worse for wear, “names Clyde but we calls him Clamp, he does some kinky shite wif the ladies, yeh dig.”


sorry it took so long, but the first draft of the book is coming along nicely. the answer to the last is ‘whore slut trick’, nice set of words don’t you think. little hint for this one the letter A is part of the answer… im only telling you because it was the only letter left over and it would be stupid to have a single bold faced A.


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