Hello folks, old Solace here to present a new addition to the category family… rather an add-on to an existing category, a hat if you will. Anyhow,  this new subject will be henceforth known as Journal Entries. I have searched the seven seas of imagination for anyone foolish enough to leave their private journal in a vulnerable place; wrapped in leather, in a locked box, in a bank safe which is in the first Fort Knox, in Atlantis.

Here you will read the plethora of  private, sometimes pretty or prosaic or others perverted, perceivings of the planet by persons unknown. A few of the more painfully interesting people will be interviewed and that will be made into a story for you all to enjoy. The first installment will be out April 26 and is a tiny ray of optimism from the past. Well till then, this is old Solace (insert sign-off here).


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