April 26

Today was a wonderful day, I was at work today with all of the kids ready to make origami. I know it’s only been four day since I was hired on The Folds of Life, Chanel 44… I don’t know why I wrote that in my own journal but I guess we all write like someone is eventually going to read it when you die.

Well today jack, the 11 year old who likes to fold animals, made a beautiful Orca and tried teaching it to the rest of the kids. I think I’ll tell the producers about it, we can have a segment called something like, kids korner, I know it sounds stupid and probably already done by PBS.

The show just got the green light a few months ago and we are shooting the first season in the next four months. If the first two shows get good enough ratings we will start shooting season two right away.

Ever since Michel left me last year for his designer, another man, I didn’t think I could go on. But thankfully my agent saw I needed to get my mind working again and found me this job. When he said they were talking about hiring me as the host I was excited and scared. Excited because I was going to be working on prime time, scared because the last time I folded paper was when I was in elementary school, unless you count college, but that’s not really folding as it is rolling. I think that’s one of those things I don’t want them reading at my eulogy.

Anyway I have to go to bed now, work tomorrow… Oh and I have a Doctors appointment on Saturday.


sorry for posting late folks, apparently old solace doesn’t know how to use military time.


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