Hello folks, old Solace here with a bit of bad news and good news. The bad news is that some dastardly degenerate defiled my den of design and stole my journals… where I keep all of the wonders of the imagination in. I have no idea who or what has done this or for what reason, but I do know I am hot on his trail. At the moment I am on a ship sailing across the warm waters of the Caribbean, I didn’t have time to get to know the crew, but I know the captain’s name is Rachel and she is as crazy as I am determine.

The good news is that the scalawag couldn’t take all of my work, as I keep current projects written in a scroll that never leaves my front coat pocket. The long due short story will still be worked on and sent to you all via my second in command Jacob. He is my adviser when it comes to choosing what I should write about, and also my Tech Guy… old solace still writes in a scroll, so you can see his importance.

Journal entries will also be running steady, I have already written the new installment which will be up May 10th and I’m sure I will find new and exciting people to interview on this impromptu trip. I know you all might be worried about old solace because I am a writer and not a sailor. I have seen all of the bio-flicks of the mad pirate Jack Sparrow and have pretty a good idea how this should be done. The captain is shouting land so till next time (insert sign off here).


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