This day has been a difficult one, more so than any I can remember. Not only did I have to rise earlier than I’ve had to in months to grind all the herbs for the elixirs, a flood ravaged my cellar, but fourteen different souls made their way to me in the half hour I spent gathering the ingredients in the fields. They asked of me; more like demanded if I am to be perfectly honest, to have a look at the sores on their faces. They looked to me to be signs of the wicked plague that has been devouring the people of my town, a plague found in the women of the night. Though seeing as they didn’t have a coin among them I distributed an elixir I call the Black phoenix, a mixture of ashes from a freshly reborn phoenix and breast milk from the same bird after four days of its resurrection. In reality it was ashes from my fireplace mixed with strong wine.

I was also summoned to the bedside of a dying politician who feared death beyond anything else in life. When I stepped into his quarters a repulsive stench greeted me, even with my mask filled with wonderful scents. My suspicions were correct when I threw off his bedding, apart from lying in his own waste his nether regions looked to have been eaten away by bacteria. His manhood was but a symbolic stump; his flesh was riddles with lacerations but what most fascinated me were the colors. In the end of course the man died, his wife and children went into the other room with the priest, leaving the mortician and I to clean the mess.  They say it is sacrilege to take anything from the dead; all I know is while the mortician looked through the drawers I went through the closet. In the end we both made out with a few gold rings and samples of the body for our own nefarious studies.

On a lighter note, I found a wonderful way of tinting my Fire Elixir, instead of using my own blood I could use the shavings of rusted iron. I’ve already sent a letter to the blacksmith asking him for all his shavings in exchange for a healthy supply of baldness cure. Of course before I use rust for tint I must first find if it has any other qualities that will make me a wealthy man.



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