Old solace here, with some obvious news, I make a terrible swab. Rebecca let me get off the ship when we stopped in Africa for supplies. I say let me off but what I mean to say is that they told me to get wood for the steam engine, when I finally remembered it was a sail boat they were gone.  Lucky for me a tribe took me in, apparently my beard looks exactly like their chief. The living arrangements are on the hovel side but the food is fantastic, I now know what Mamba tastes like. The children have taken a liking to me, I sit them down and tell them stories, they don’t understand me but they react when appropriate.

Well you wonderful worshipers of the written wisdom, I wanted to let you know that the short story I have been working on is scheduled to come out May 24th and every other week thereafter. As a little reminder it is the dark tale of Detective Leonardo Papiernik and his mission to find a mass murdering mad man with an affinity for explosives. His life and career hang on a razors edge as he tries to fight off his personal demons.

There is no reason not to read the short that spawned this man’s tale; he is a much different man in Transparent. Also on the 23rd I will be putting up a special Journal Entry regarding the death of a loved musician, Raymond Daniel Manzarek jr, old Solace has been a fan of The Doors for a very long time. Well till next time (insert sign off here).


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