My son woke me up around 5am; it was time for a feeding. It took me about an hour to put him back down, but he finally fell asleep. I started my daily chores and around 12 I sorted though a few emails, some from my mom but mostly junk mail. I was surprised to see an email from john, we don’t talk as much as we used to since I moved to Maine. We went to high school back in California and took the same music class. That’s what we normally talk about so I expected some insane philosophical comment about how Def Leppard carried the spirit of a generation. I didn’t expect to read that Ray Manzarek had died. That’s two members to brake on through to the other side.

-Clara (writer)

My dad called me today saying he had some severe news. I was scared it was my gran, she has been having these odd headaches for some time and he was taking her to the medics today. He asked me to sit down before telling me Ray Manzarek died today. At first I was angry at the worry he caused and then I was relieved my gran was fine, but then numbness took over me. When I finally hung up I called my wife at work and told her the news, she was stunned. She and I met in church where I played the organ; I learned to play solely because I looked up to Ray since I was three year old. I played love her madly at our wedding with my best mates.

-Sebastian (author)

Fuck man, I just found out today from my hommie riddle that Ray from the doors died. That shit is fucked up. That hombre was tight, I’m blasting Morrison Hotel as we speak you dig.  My tio Pedro gave me my first doors CD when I was 12 and I fell in love since then. Shit I remember The End was like held up right next to The Raven with my crew back in my wild days.

-Erica (poet)

I was writing when I found out that Ray Manzarek died. The tremendous turmoil raging and raving in my somber soul shook up memories of a lost boy trying desperately to find his voice. Memories of blank pages strewn across a desk or crumpled on the ground, of a mind frantically searching for a muse. A memory of a sudden burst of rhythmic keys braking all boundaries between what is real and what can only be dreamed. I remember a poet friend introducing me to the doors in a class filled with hip-hop and heavy metal, the primal scream that is Morrison coupled perfectly with the structure of Ray took me to beautiful worlds, worlds I could help build. I am honored to say that a fire was lit and still burns so many years later. Though the people will pass, the music will never be over.


Note from old Solace: if anyone has fond memories of this man and the bands work, please folks, i would love to hear them.


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