Hello folks, old Solace here out of the tree and in a boat drifting down the Nile. I have with me two courageous, cunning and convenient companions which I have taken to calling Pen and Teller.

Teller is a young girl from the tribe that took me in and eventually turned on me, she helped me out of the tree when I became uninteresting to the tribe worriers. I call her Teller on account that I don’t understand a word she is saying so she may as well be silent. Quiet she may be, but she has turned out to be very useful. Take this boat we’re in, she built it in an hour.

Pen is the name I gave to the vulture. He is the louder one of the two, and when ever he drops a feather I can use it as a quill. From the way he looks at me, I know he is biding his time until I go into the eternal sleep and he can finally have his feast. Till then he can take my letters back to Jacob, which is fantastic because I’ve been running low on stamps.

We are making our way towards Madagascar, where I think the journal thief has been hiding out. After the battle of the bore I found a drawing of a Leamer near where I first saw him. My hope is that he ran back to his hide out. And even if he didn’t I might be able to deduce where he is headed from what he left behind.

On the subject of deduction, the next part of Black and White will be out for your ocular pleasure on June 7. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Part 1 please feel free to introduce yourself. Well till next time (insert sign off here).


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