Hello journal, my name is Veronica and I am 5 years old. Today was my first day of kindergarten and my mommy said I should write about it. She is writing for me because I don’t know how to yet. I think I love kindergarten; it is like being at the playground all day with new kids to play with. My teacher is Mr. McAndy and he lets us call him Mr. Candy. He is old and doesn’t have hair on the top of his head.

I drew a dog for daddy because he loves dogs but I’m allergic, his name is speckle and he is big and brown. My new friend Amla drew a house with her family; she likes to wear a scarf on her head. My other friend Oscar has an earring like a girl but he is a boy and he is funny. Another boy named Andy drew a big spider with a smiley face because he thinks they are cool.

Kindergarten is fun because we get to eat outside in the playground. I saw a cat in the sandbox and Mr. Candy said we should name her. I wanted her name to be Imagination but its Helen; she looks more like an Imagination to me. Tomorrow we are going to the school library to get library cards. It’s going to have my picture on it like mommy’s driving card. I need to have dinner now, good night journal.



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