Hello friends, my name is Jacob and i am Solace’s right hand man. I don’t mean to alarm any of you but i haven’t heard from solace since his last letter came in, which was last Monday.  Normally there is about a weeks delay in me receiving his letters to when he actually writes them. My self and the rest of the staffers here at Thoughts of a Thinker are under strict orders to continue the work, so expect the next installment of Black and White on July 5. If you are new to this story please feel free to start from part 1 and by all means take a look at the rest of the content.

Rest assured that if i do not hear from Solace in the next few days the staff and i will find him. You may be asking why we haven’t already, well i think you all have an idea of what type of man Solace is and he wouldn’t want us interrupting an adventure. I will make it a point to keep you all properly informed on the whereabouts of our wayward author. I am contractually obligated to say this… till next time (insert sign off here).


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