I fixed the garage door today after a month of putting it off. Some stupid kids wrote all over the doors and tried to pry it open, the nerve of people. I also went to the farmers market and picked up a few avocados and a wheel of cheese, I don’t know what cheese but the guy who sold me the avocados said they go well together.

I took a long walk in the park today; damn ducks wouldn’t leave me alone. I saw a few big catfish in the stream that cuts through the park but I’ve never had any luck at fishing. Knowing my luck I would have fallen in on my first cast. I couldn’t help but noticed the vast amount of beautiful women out for their daily run. I ended up falling asleep on the bleachers of a softball game.

When I finally made it home I prepped the cheese and avocados in a chicken salad, he wasn’t kidding about the combo. I was reading my gardening book when I found out corn is in….. sorry for cutting this short, the red phone is ringing. A super hero never gets to finish a story.



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