Hello friends, Jacob here waiting for my first of many connection flights. I am headed to Australia to collect our wayward author. On Monday, as the staff and I prepared to go looking for Solace, I received a call from a man who said he was from the Australian government. He told me a man was found off the coast by a group of locals who were out on sail boat. They would have missed him had it not been for the vulture trying to roll him onto his stomach to drown him, no word on Teller.

When they found him he was already unconscious and by the time they reached the hospital he began to convulse. I booked the first flight out and now I am just waiting to board the plane. I called the hospital he is in to see if I could get more information from them. They tell me he should be alright but after days without food, exposure and having consumed sea water, he was lucky to be alive. He has multiple lacerations to the face and forearms and a broken hand as well… he struggled with someone.

The doctors wouldn’t let me talk to him but he left a message for all of you, “I may be disheveled, dehydrated, damn near dead and somewhat delusional but there will be a Journal Entry coming out on time, Joe Pesci willing. Till next time (insert sign off here).”


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