I felt like such a fool today at work. A beautiful girl walked in asking for the latest pop album, which I know nothing about, but having worked at the record store for the better part of ten years I’ve seen the recycling of many a genre so I thought I had some know-how. That was not the case.

Every time I picked up an album her look of disgust increased, after the fifth failed attempt at finding the one she wanted I asked her to hum part of a song. I had no friggin clue what she wanted, so she gave up and walked over to josh a tattooed, nose pierced, screaming-is-singing-i-swear kind of kid. She hummed for him and without batting an eye he walked over to the J’s and handed her an Elton john LP.

She paid and pointed me out to the manager. I was making myself look busy by fixing the band shirts when Laura came over and told me a customer complained I was being purposefully unhelpful. I explained to her what happened; that I just assumed she was talking about the this-day-and-age generic plastic wrapped busty cover girl… she laughed and called me old. Good thing tomorrow is my day off.



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