Hey kids, the name is Casey but call me Cas. I suppose it’s my turn tell you the news for the week, J-man and the boss are still away and back in Africa. The boss thought taking Penn and teller back home would be the least he could do after what he put them though. But unsurprisingly the two dunces decided it would be great fun to stick with him, kind of sounds familiar.

Last I heard they were trying to get the proper paperwork to sign them on as staff here at Thoughts of a Thinker. What they will do I have no idea; maybe Penn will get rid of our armadillogater problem. You may be wondering what it is that I do here at T.O.T. and sometimes I do the same. Apart from being the best looking of the bunch I also handle the company’s image, or lack thereof. What I mean is I talk to all the right people in all the right ways to make sure our captain can move around the world at his leisure and not have to worry about any sort of blocks.

Also like the rest of the staff I too am a writer of sorts. When we are all collaborating on a project I’m usually the one raving about the dialogue, you know that shits important. I mean you could write something with little to no dialogue… don’t tell anyone I said that. I mean it is great working with all these guys, but that’s the problem… all guys. How I long for a pair of legs to stare at every once in a while. Look at me going off topic, I think it’s just that easy to talk to you, I like you, and we should hang out… as long as you don’t need a parent’s signature.

Anyway, expect a new journal entry on July 26th, since it’s my job to pick one I’ll get a special one from the special drawer. I just thought of something, why is it that we always post things so they come out one right after the other? We should spread it out; I should bring it up to management. Well till next time kids (insert sign off here).


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