Hello folks, old solace here at Melbourne Airport waiting for the first of many connecting flights back home. I’m tired of hospital beds and can’t wait to sleep in mine. A bit of good news, Penn and Teller are officially on staff at Thoughts of a Thinker and will be traveling back with Jacob and myself. Poor Penn will be sent ahead of us in a cage with other pets, I think Cas agreed to pick him up. This means I have to add an aviary to our building soon but I’m sure he’ll find a place to nestle down for the time being.

A few hours ago I received a package at the hospital, thinking it was fan mail I was excited. All of those happy feelings left when I opened it to find torn pages from one of my journals. The thief is taunting me, and apparently knows where I am. Jacobs says he is probably a reader… so if you’re reading this (expletive deleted).

After reading the Bit of news Cas put up, I had the idea of giving the staff more of a presence. The traffic that we received from his post helped push us in that direction too. Who knows, we might even give the rest of the guys a chance to put up some of their own work… I am a slight narcissist so I’m not sure how much but if you all enjoy it why not. Of course one of the staffers has his own site so you can take a look at Andy’s webcomic.

I’m at the bar with Jacob and Teller and there is an old man sitting next to us making love to his tonic and gin, but over in the corner there is a man covering  Dylan’s Hurricane on an acoustic and kazoo… I don’t know how to feel about this. Jacob is telling me to move along, so on August 2nd expect the next installment of Black and White, we are so close to the end, and if you haven’t caught up please feel free to read 1 2 3 4 and 5 before then. We still have another four hours till we can board the plane so till next time (insert sign off here).


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