Hello friends, Jacob here doing my part to make sure our next project goes off without a hitch. We have decided to sit down and interview each other as equals, something small and intimate, which means we have only finished building three of the seven sets needed. I repeatedly ask Solace why we are doing this entirely out of hand construction if no one will see the hard work in the end and he always responds “we’re use to that”. That may be the case, but why we need a cave interior I have no idea.

After some fighting, we all ganged up on Andy and it was determined that he will be the first to be interviewed. He took it rather well, though the building is now burgundy and there is a plumber’s crack painted on it. Teller voiced her objection to the way we bullied him into the first spot, which didn’t do much good since it seems only Andy can make out what she is saying.

The other day we received a package with a completely shredded journal in it and a note from the thief. He isn’t too happy that we ceased the search; I took initiative and sent Penn out to a friend of ours in the U.K with a letter pleading for her help in the matter. I am actually afraid to let Solace know about the package, knowing full well how brash he can be. For his sake I hope this project keeps him busy long enough for him to recuperate. Well till next time (insert sign off here).


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