Its August 23 and I woke up today, made my bed and jumped into the shower the same way I do everyday. I was dressed before the sun came up. I like to write in my journal early the next morning instead of the night before, this way I can write down the days events and the dream that they helped to create. Today when I pulled the journal out from the top left drawer of my desk, like I do every day, I found a note stuck to the front demanding I read the previous entry before writing in it.

The first thing I learned was that I no longer write the day after, the second thing I learned is that August 23 has now happened 912 times. Every page of the note book starts off in this way, with me finding out that I have lived today for over two years.

The note stuck to the journal goes on to tell me that I should only read for about an hour if I plan on doing anything today. Randomly flipping through the pages is how I find out that I have been on many adventures. From Spain to South America, though the further away from home the less time I spend adventuring.

In the 128th adventure I stop in mid sentence, this turned out to be a running theme in a few until the 400th adventure. This is where I noticed that in the first few entries where I lived throughout the same day over and over again, I would always go to bed at two in the morning and regardless of what I am doing I start over at that time.

It is hard to explain even on the days that I don’t go anywhere and just read. The last thing I noticed was that on the days I live normally, I go to work and come back home in the exact same ways. But on the days I decide not to go in, the world is as random as it should be. Case in point on the 53rd and 54th adventure I went to Las Vegas and lost two differ amounts of money even though I had written down what cards were played and what horses won… Rather disappointing.

Today I think I will go adventuring… Maybe I’ll brake a law.



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