Hello folks, this is what happened at Stonehenge.  


The bitter cold of a Wiltshire night is nothing to laugh at, goddamn it its cold out here. Why are my thoughts projected out in front of me? Where the hell did that little camera come from?

“Did anyone else getting your thoughts on these glasses?” Cas says through chattering teeth. “I didn’t notice it right away since that’s how I already think that way.”

“You know the message never said what time to meet, maybe we jumped the shark with all of these fancy weapons and recording devices.” Teller says opening a bag of cheddar chips.

“Did Allan put a translator in these things or did you just speak English?” Cas’s jaw has stopped chattering.

Jacob stops to take a breath before asking, “And how do you know about jumping the shark?”

“Andy taught me English, and I’ve jumped over a shark.”


It went on like this till morning, the thief never came. We need to stop waiting and find him.


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