Hello reader, my name is Allen and I am a member of Thoughts of a Thinker but you knew that already. Edgar has bullied me into writing this bit of news because Solace, Jacob, Teller and Cas have gone on a small mission. We have deciphered the message from the thief; he wants us to go to Stonehenge. You may be asking yourself why we would split the group up when this is clearly a trap, well I wouldn’t let them go without help.

Firstly I fabricated a set of sensory augmenting spectacles with your standard 300x focal length and thermal vision accurate up to 250. Each set is also equipped with an encrypted com/vid device with a range of 4 miles. And for your added benefit I installed a 3rd Person Recording Droid (3PRD) that, as you can guess, zooms around recording the person it’s paired with.

Secondly Andy and I put together for each of them a Bag of Many Things (BMT) filled with everything your explorer needs; standard rope, knives first aid, etc. Andy had the idea to give them all customized weapons, of his design.

Solace has Lighting Touch Gloves, we modified a magic trick which would normally startle an unsuspecting audience member but now has the capability to arc 1 – 100 thousand volts into anything in its path. Jacob received a compound crossbow; the arrow tips have a senor that explodes two feet from the target releasing a tar like substance to render them immobile. Teller will be using a set of throwing knives and a Seme dagger, all infused with a powerful sedative. Cas, well he wanted guns and an IPod, so he is armed with a sonic shotgun strong enough to destroy a brick wall… and hold up to 60,000 songs.

Needless to say, whatever happens, you will enjoy reading it. Till next time (insert sign off here).


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