The heavy door to the pub is pushed open by Solace, giving Teller the chance to run in unimpeded. Everyone is gathered around a fight taking place between Jacob and four burly men; no one sees her launch herself into the air. With her dagger ready she glides inches from the ceiling and into the fray. She fluidly and methodically strikes the four men individually, until they are incapacitated.

With initial surprise the opposition pauses, bad move. Solace has time to throw the discarded crossbow at Jacob, who catches it and readies an arrow. By the time the patrons know what’s going on all four friends stand in the middle, backs to each other, ready.

Solace runs out first, hitting a man in the jaw. A normal punch would have left him staggered, but with the help of the lighting gloves the man is thrown back and into the wall. Without missing a beat Solace dispatches another two before the others move.  A fat thug picks up a small table and slams it into Solace. He lifts it again but before he can smash it down he is pushed away by an invisible force, a force that sounds a lot like Metallica.

“I got you brother.” Cas winks at Solace.

“Thanks,” Solace says returning the favor by sending a bolt of lightning into the chest of another of the Thief’s men.

Teller, with a beautiful example of kilindi iyi, takes on almost a dozen men. They tower over her only for a moment; she brings them down with ease. Her hands move like snakes across their faces and down to their hips, every chance she gets she nicks them with her blades. The lucky ones pass out right away; the others are used as human shields as they stagger around in a daze.

Over on the other side of the pub Jacob is plastering the men to the wall with his tar arrows. The few that dodge his shot are blasted into the goop by Cas and his sonic gun, he eases off a bit when one of the men starts to bleed form the ears. He shouldn’t have, that same man pulls out a gun and fires two rounds at Cas, one shreds into his shoulder.

Jacob fires an arrow at the man, it doesn’t detonate, and instead it sticks him in the chest. Where there were once thirty men there are now six, and they scramble towards the door. The four friends aim their weapons and unleash hell, teller sinks her blades into the back of two, Solace arcs the full intensity of the heavens into another, one of Jacobs’ arrows goes off inside one of the men with a smothered pop, and Cas pushes another onto the remains of a broken stool. The last man makes it out the door and by the time the four make it out he is half way down the road.

The silent air is broken by a shrill screech, from behind the friends an enormous mass emerges from the shadows and glides like a hellish beast toward the man. The beast slams into him and engulfs him in its wings, the sound of cloth and flesh tearing are broken only by the agonizing screams from the fallen man. Jacob reaches the two first.

“Good job Penn,” he says petting the vulture. Turning the bloodied man over onto his back, he pushes his crossbow into his face, “where are they?”


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