He’s gone; I don’t know how to bring him back. I shouldn’t have said anything; I should have tried to keep my composure. This is my fault.

After Andy told us about tunnel I shouldn’t have ran off like I did. I shouldn’t have talked to him like I did once he caught me. I think I knew he would, I think I knew what would happen when I told him how much I hated him for it. I forced Solace into this.

The thief’s men run from him like children from a monster. Our weapons are useless compared to his rage. Even when the lucky few die instantly he doesn’t relent, watching their lifeless bodies contort with every ounce of lightning.

“Tell me where she is!” he would yell without giving them time to respond. It got so bad Cas and I had to pull him off a young man after his lighting stalled. The pipe clanged to the ground and the boy lay bloodied and broken. He dismissed us and went on his rampage. He killed fifty-seven of them, I counted, before reaching the other end of the Tunnel. There were just as many police officers waiting for us.

Cas jumped ahead and defused the situation as best he could, many of the officers new him by name. Solace just kept on walking past the blockade. The tunnel was a giant clue, its walls where littered with excerpts from the journals.

“Will he be alright?” Teller asks me. I look down at her worried face and try to comfort her.

“You’ve seen him face death twice already; I’ve seen him face it many more times before. I think he’ll be alright.”

“We both know he faced it with a curious smile, then. Now I am afraid he has turned his back on his inevitable friend.”

I don’t respond, I don’t want to admit that I’ve seen him like this before. I can hear Cas talking to the officers, “That man over yonder? Don’t go fucking with him right now, trust me.”


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