I can’t see Solace anymore; no matter I have enough to occupy my time. The first two of the thief’s mercenaries that I come across fall like pigs when I stick them with my blades, they even squeal with pain. Slithering around the larger headstones I can conceal myself long enough to strike another three down. I can see bodies fly overhead from Cas’ sonic blasts, they rain down onto a group I had marked as my next targets.

One of the mercenaries grabs me from behind, choking me with all his might. Jacob’s arrow narrowly missed me as it digs into my captures face. I return the favor my launching my dagger into the chest of a man standing to his right brandishing an ax. Jacob pulls it out and tosses it back at me as I run past.

Sliding between the legs of another I dig my blade into his groin, even through the pain he kicks me in the face with such force I’m sure he shattered something. Turning onto my belly I am face to palm with a hand clawing at the air from under the earth. It is deformed and smells of burning flesh. My hesitation gives it enough time to grab hold of my hair and yank me into the dirt. Somehow I begin to sink, more hands burst out form the earth and help to drag me into the grave.

I cannot describe the sensation of swimming though dirt with rotting hands grabbing at every part of my body. Terror seems to lack the proper amount of paralyzing fear circulating though my veins, poisoning my blood. I open my mouth to scream but nothing escapes, instead dirt and fingers rush in. slowly I slip away and feel nothing at all.


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