After tossing the dagger back to teller I’m left alone with two of the thief’s henchmen, I will call them tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. Dee points his gun at me while Dum digs in his oversized backpack; I fire off one of my arrows sending tombstone shrapnel in all directions. The concussion flattens the tweedle twins, but they bounce back and bombarded me with bullets.

Taking a running leap over a stone angle proves to be a bad move, at that same moment Cas decides to blast the ground. The angel jumps off the ground as I land and knocks me over. The tweedles stalk over to me, pulling off their masks as they approach. I don’t know what I was expecting but deformed faces the product generations of inbreeding slathered with clown makeup was not it, I may have just wet myself.

I have one arrow left and they are too thick to take out in one shot. Dee is lucky number one, the point digs into his eye and he drops. His brother stares at the twitching mass that was Tweedle-dee, I watch him kneel next to the body. He groans and buries his face in the nape of his fallen brother’s neck.  When he emerges there is blood running down his chin, a chunk of Dee clasped tightly in his gums.

I’m still prone when he lunges at me. Using the bow as a shield stops him from doing the same to me, but he drips and slobbers onto my face… he’s getting a kick out of this. A kick to the groin sends him rolling off of me. I simultaneously pull off the string from the bow and roll after him; I wrap myself around his body and the string around his neck.

The beast stands and tries to shake me off, I hold on. He runs backwards until he trips and falls me first into the stone angel. My back gives an almighty crack but I don’t let go, the whole time he chuckles idiotically and tries to swat me off. He finally goes limp and gurgles out his last breath, I can see he died with a smile.


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