“Solace is sneaking out though the slide again.” Cas says buttering his toast.

“I don’t think he knows we can hear him.” Jacob yawns before sipping his coffee.

“Your friend is an idiot.”

“Hey now, he is your friend, too.”

Sitting at the table Cas passes the dish over, Jacob gratefully takes a slice. They can hear Solace start up his bike and speed off. They both laugh at his failed attempt at stealth.

“You want a little bourbon in your coffee?” Cas asks.

“Sure, oh and did that girl from the bar stay the night?”

“Yep, still up there. Her friends had to leave around four in the morning but she stayed.”

“How do you do it? In all honesty you are a cocky shit, but they gravitate to you.”

“Not cocky, confident as hell is the phrase I’d use. And there aint no trick to it chief, I just tell her what I see. If she has eyes that buckle my knees with desire I tell her, if she has a body not fit to be fully clothed at any time of day and should be tenderly touched and kissed I let her know. I look deep into her and tell her exactly how her mere presence fills me with the ecstasy only known to the Greeks lucky enough to cast their gaze on the goddess Aphrodite.”

“And then you bang the holly hell out of them?”

“Till they gasp for breath and call me Adonis.”

“Is that what she was screaming, I couldn’t really hear her since you kept yelling ‘I am a bronze god’. By the way she just left.” Edgar says walking into the kitchen. His kimono hangs loosely over his shoulder exposing the dragon tattoo in his chest.

“Sorry if I kept you up.”

“Worry do not, horny one,” Edgar says in a Yoda voice. “Nothing I haven’t heard for the past six years.”

There is a knock at the door; Cas says in confident exasperation, “They always come back for more of the bronzed god.”

He leaves the room to go and answer the door. Jacob and Edgar wait for him to come back, but he doesn’t. They heard the door open but it never closed one look at each other and they know exactly what nefariousness is going on. When they get to the foyer they find Cas and the girl sprawled on the threshold while Andy and Teller take notes.


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