“You two need to get some privacy, and stop taking notes.” Jacob says to Andy and Teller.

“Go away.” Teller responds.

“Leave the camera.” Andy says adjusting the light.

“Bring the canola oil.” Edgar grunts as he takes his kimono.

Jacob walks away slowly, stopping only to shudder. Memories of threshold thrashing pasts return to the forefront of his mind, only one had to do with him. Walking back into the kitchen ready to finish his breakfast he finds it missing. The toast is replaced by a note, he doesn’t recognize the penmanship.

Is she safe?

Bursting through the door into the to the library, knocking over an end table, taking four steps at a time he makes it to the landing. His door is ajar, the floor creaks from the other side of it. Jacob slowly walks towards it, the creaking stops and so does he. It’s difficult to keep control of his breathing; he slowly extends his hand towards the door knob.

Bursting though, fists ready, he finds nothing out of the ordinary. He can hear Patricia breathing, still asleep. With a long sigh Jacob walks over to the bed and sits at her feet. She turns over but doesn’t stir. Jacob puts his face in his hands letting all the terrible thoughts wash away. Laughing at his stupidity he turns to face her and finds another note, this one tucked into Patricia cleavage.

My sun has risen; its rays have caressed your lovely’s flesh. Next time lock your window.



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