Penn came back covered in blood and only some of it was his. This was bad; it freaked the hell out of every one. Solace had the right idea of sending me out into the forest to make sure no one followed him, which I assume is was happened. Solace isn’t the type to spook easily but after the house went out and all those mercs came out of the smoke… he trusts me to get the job done while they prep for a getaway.

The trees whisper in the wind as I crawl around them listening for any snapping twigs, heavy breathing, or the cocking of a gun giving away the position of those who wish me harm. I can’t help but remember my days as a soldier, I say soldier but really I was no different than these basters looking for me. I spent a lot of time in South America helping bad men ship bad things into the states, either by using the friends I made or by making longshoremen disappear.

There really isn’t any difference between us, like them I made families run and go into hiding. Like them I searched the most remote places for the bounty, and like them I was more than certain I would collect. Like them I knew no fear, only the thrill of getting my money’s worth and let me tell you I got my money’s worth.

There is only one difference between myself and them; I never got caught in the cross hairs of a riffle while taking a shit in the woods. And if my companion got shot while taking a shit in the woods while I stood guard, I definitely wouldn’t stand in front of the now headless body like an asshole looking thought the trees for the barrel tip. He didn’t stand there long.

I need to report to Solace and then get back to securing the forest; we agreed that two days of this should be enough to make sure we are still hidden. Till next time kinds (insert sign off here).

Sorry everyone, for some reason this didn’t go up correctly. Allan has shown me how to properly use a computer and well here it is -Cas


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