“Are you sure? He’s going to get better?” Andy says leaning on his new cane.

“Yes, the poison from the Consolida, or Larkspur, was the cause for all of the hubbub.” The doctor says, his hands on his hips and cocked head show a little too much relief.

Jacob doesn’t let up, “what about the drug screen, did that have an effect?”

“Well, it was a false positive. That happens sometimes with the E.R. when they run a broad screen, we knew it was something that wasn’t supposed to be there, and…” his que sera, sera attitude doesn’t sit well with Jacob.

“Do you know what you put us through, you fucking quack? You obviously know what you were doing to him. How bad is his liver, or his knew and only kidney?”

“Guys, come on, stop talking about the doctor messing up and start talking about how I saved Solaces life.” Cas walks in front of everyone and holds out his hands for silence. “There I was, in his room, being a good friend and making him his tea. While you all were down here being angry at my poor dying friend, I lifted a petal from the tin and brought it up to the light. ‘my god’ I thought to myself ‘this is the dastardly Larkspur that Penn so sweetly taught me no more than a week into our stay at the cabin.’”

“Thank you for the credit.” Penn says with a curtsy.

“yes and now that we know what it wrong with him we can make him all better.” The doctor claps his hands together, “it’s still going to be quite some time before he’s a hundred percent, but if he does his physical therapy he─”

“Wait so if the room was any darker you would have just poisoned him further?” Allan asks, his arm around Edgar.

“I was being a good friend, which is more than any of you can say.” Cas looks around nervously before adding, “Anyway it was his nurse who brought it in.”

“No a nurse here wouldn’t have done that, “the doctor says confused. “Our policy states that anything the patients consume much be strictly controlled to prevent any adverse effect.”

“Well she was brewing his tea every time he asked for it.”

“The nurses on his floor were all male.”

“Are you sure?” Jacob grabs the doctor.

“They better be or this hospital spent fifty grand on a retreat for someone to decide they were too good for Vegas.”

“Cas, was it the tiny old woman, because I saw her when I was last up there.”

“Yeah, Minka something. Jovovich I think it was.”

The doctor chimes in pompously, “I think I’d know if we had a nurse with a name like a Ukrainian mobster.”

“You couldn’t even find out why my friend had a tummy ache.” Jacob spits his insult, “did any of you see her?”

“I think I saw her walking around the pond when Penn and I were out there.” Andy says picking up his bag.

“Yeah I saw her too,” Patricia says. “This guy I was talking to seemed really interested in her.”

“Show me.” Jacob demands and the whole lot of them follow Patricia, leaving the doctor try and register what just happened.

When they exit the main building Jacob motions to Cas, who nods and leaves he group. Patricia takes them to the bench where she and the handsome man spoke. Jacob points at Allan and Penn, who get to work. Allan touches his Glasses and mumbles the reading from the lenses, Penn scurries up the oak behind the bench and disappears into the branches.

“Pat, what was he wearing?” Allan asks

“A blazer and black dress shoes.”

“I can’t find anything that matches, the wind could be a factor.”

“Penn! You see anything?” Andy Yells up the tree.

“I see the old woman going towards the west parking structure.” She leaps from the branch to branch and lands next to him. “She’s with a man in a Blazer.”

The parking structure echoes with their foot falls.  Nothing on the first, second or third level, on the fourth Penn stops them and peeks around the corner. She nods at Jacob, he looks and finds the old woman talking to a man.

“Sebastian, they know what we were doing. I think it is time to leave.”

“You failed me, Minka. I no longer need your services.” Sebastian pulls out a platinum dagger and pierces her chest.

“Hey!” Jacob runs out from behind his cover and directly at him.

Sebastian smiles and sizes him up quickly enough to knock him to the floor with a single strike to the jaw. Allan and Penn, running right behind Jacob, are close enough to grab hold of him. They struggle before Sebastian wrenches Allan’s arm and kicks him in the hip, knocking him on top of Jacob. He takes a chunk of Penn’s hair and slams her into the trunk of a car, winding her and setting off the alarm.

He looks over at Patricia hiding behind Edgar, and Andy leaning heavily on his cane. He smiles and turns to leave, but Edgar calls him back. “Hey fuck face, my man needs those hips to make me happy.”

He walks intently up to Sebastien and throws a straight punch, misses and follows with a left hook. His rhythm is perfect, but Sebastian is too fast for him. Each punch Edgar throws is slapped away easily. Sebastian Takes his turn and rains fists at Edgars face, and to his surprise all his attempts are slapped away with the same ease.

“Your good, but you should block your groin,” Sebastien says mid kick, but he misses.

Edgar side steps and uses the momentum to back hand him in the face. “I’m always aware of my groin, thank you very much.”

They both launch into their attacks, blocking and striking with lighting speed. Edgar pins him to a cement pillar and drops to his knees, releasing a barrage of punches on Sebastian’s exposed midsection. With a sweeping leg kick he knocks him down just as Cas turns the corner to the fourth level. Finding an opening, Sebastian grabs Edgar’s head and smashes it into the pillar, he get so his feet and makes a brake for it. Cas, at his heels, pulls out his gun and takes carful aim at the back of Sebastian’s leg. The bullet does nothing to slow him down or to stop him from throwing himself off the edge of the structure.

Panting, Cas over the edge and watches him turn the corner and disappear. “He’s gone.”

“So is she.” Andy says standing over Minka’s limp body.


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