Rumors and Lines

Talia takes Solace’s arm and walks him with purpose back in the direction he came. To his dismay she completely bypasses the short cut. “We started this town when the McWrither’s came, they did a whole lot of damage in a short period of time.” “I still don’t fully understand how they could have done … Continue reading Rumors and Lines



With a begrudging sigh and a curse at the open blinds, solace opens his eyes. This is not the Patchworth hut. He sits bolt upright causing his right knee to scream, the covers hide what he is sure is a horror movie special effect without the latex appliance. He sighs with relief when his toes … Continue reading Talia

Around Town

“Alright, we saved the leg.” Doc Fin says walking out of the only other room in the tiny hospital. Jacob and Cas stare wide eyed at his bloodstained apron. “Oh, no this always looks like this. He didn’t lose a lot of blood.” “We did have to take some skin though.” Teller says taking of … Continue reading Around Town

Scrub Up

The morning is hot, which is not good for Solace. The fever that started late last night has gradually climbed, the convulsions are worsening and there is nothing the Patchworths can do. Teller has found a few Herbs that have helped the wound on his pain but it is Allan’s splint that has helped the … Continue reading Scrub Up