Mr. Benvoni, the biggest drug lord in the country, is sitting with his back to the limo driver. He carries a somber expression on his liver spotted face, while spinning a cigarette lighter between skeletal fingers. There are few things that bring a smile to his face, and Solace sitting uncomfortably between two burly men in nothing more than his underwear isn’t one of them.

“I am sorry we woke you so early, Solace Arrives.” Mr. Benvoni says. “Your informant has very little time to talk, our persuasion is to blame, again I apologies.”

“Don’t worry your head off, Benny boy. At the very least you left his tongue in his head.” Solace says, a touch of annoyance in his voice.

The burly men grunt their disapproval, but Mr. Benvoni waves a bony hand at them. “Mortimer and Crook are what we call ferro dolce, they may look impressive but they will bend as need be.”

The limo comes to a slow stop, the driver gets out and opens a secret door right next to Mr. Benvoni. He and his gorgeous assistants get out first. One of the burly gets out and holds out a hand for solace. A cool breeze runs up his shorts, sending a spasmic shiver up his spine. An assistant drops a duffle bag at his feet, inside he finds a set of clothes.

The small abandoned theater loomed over them, the blank marquee stared down at them coldly. Her doors squeaked lightly as they entered, the rundown lobby hid away sadly in the shadows. Mr. Benvoni walked them all towards one of the showrooms, number three. All of the seats have been taken out, all that was left was the silver screen. Siting in at the bottom was the informant, tied to a wooden chair, wearing nothing more than blood stains.

Solace makes his way down to her, she doesn’t move when he stops next to her, but he can see her chest rising and falling. He walks around her, taking in her appearance and by his third time around he finds what he was looking for.

“It’s hard to hide eye movement, you subconsciously follow the sound of my footsteps to keep a sense of control. But the brain so easily forgets that you are bloody and tied to a chair.”

“Oh I have immense control,” she says and stands up, her bindings falling off of her. She makes her way towards him, wiping the blood from her woundless body. “What do you need from me?”

“Well, I need information.” Solace looks back towards Mr. Benvoni who is wearing a small smile.

“Mmm, tell me. Tell me what you want.” She is within touch distance, nearly pressed against him, he never sees the blade inches from his neck. “I could kill you right now, and you wouldn’t even get an answer.”

“I want to know where Byron is.”

“Is that all?” she bats her eyes and drags the blade’s dull side along his shoulder.


“He’s home.”



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